Sudoku in a flash game! Sweet.

Here's how it works: Each row, column, and 3x3 square set must have one and only one of each number, character, or sushi piece (you can choose your tiles at the start of the game).

To place a number on the board, click the corresponding tile in the right-hand column, then click the square on the board where you would like to place that number (or sushi piece).

To delete a piece from the board, select from the right set the same piece you want to delete, then click the tile on the board you want deleted.

Pencil Marks: Hold SHIFT when clicking on the square to place a small scratch mark on that square. Once you place a tile on that square the marks will be removed.

Hints: You get three hints per game, but it costs you a two minute penalty. Depending on how close you are to the solution, a hint may delete the incorrect tiles, place 3 tiles in correct positions, or a combination of both.

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