About Fresh Games

Welcome to the blog of flash games! There are so many playable flash games on the web these days that it's hard not to find them when you're bored and searching for something like "Games" or "Jeux".

So here we have created a blog of the best games to play to keep the bored office worker (or student, or kid living with parents, whoever) entertained for a few moments when a break is needed. We might throw in some other stuff every now and then, like a video game review, short movie, or an article, but in general we'll stick to the point: FREE FLASH GAMES.

I hand pick only the best flash games on the web so you don't have to wade through piles of crappy games. FRESH GAMES.

Subscribe to our RSS feed and check back daily to see what the new game is. You know you can always kill some time at Games.Jrux.Com!

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